December 6,2016

Chrimtmas Hampers – Preet Pall

To celebrate the spirit of the holiday season, all of us at Montridge have selected a cause close to our hearts to donate to.

Christmas Hampers – Preet Pall

I love community service.  Those that know me, know that I belong to three non-profit boards that provide support to a wide array of various projects.   It’s organized fundraising – specific projects for local, international, and environmental areas in need.

The one area that tends to fall short is around Christmas for local families that struggle.  Families struggle for various reasons – loss of a job, single parent, new to the country, an unfortunate accident – all of which can be unexpected and often not something you plan or save for.

A small lending hand is sometimes all that is needed for a family.  And a Christmas hamper will provide support for them through a difficult time.  There is so much joy and love in the children’s faces.  There is relief in the parent’s eyes when an unexpected gift of support is received.  100% of the donation from Montridge will support this family with a loving hamper.  I truly believe in what goes around comes around.  I believe that everyone in this family, when the time comes, will also step up to lend a hand to someone else in need – making the world a better, united, loving, peaceful place for all.

Much thanks to the Youth workers in SD43 for the connection.