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Employee Wellness Program


Wellness plans, with extended benefits beyond standard health and disability coverage, are increasingly popular among employers who are committed to supporting their employees’ lifestyles, as well as their mental and physical well-being. The core of an employee wellness program is being proactive and preventative in your employees’ health and welfare, instead of simply reacting to illness.


At Montridge we believe that wellness coverage is a sign of an engaged employer who understands the link between employee satisfaction and productivity. The results of a comprehensive, holistic wellness program are beneficial for both the employees and the entire company. Typical results are increased employee engagement, reduced sick leave, less stress on the job, and improved teamwork.


Some aspects of wellness coverage are internal to your company, for example, in-company daycares or daycare subsidies, support for gym memberships, or financial support for staff education. Employees can also receive classes in popular topics such as financial wellness—a major cause of stress—nutrition and diet, teamwork, and bullying in the workplace.


Montridge can help you in designing a complete corporate wellness program, with advice, solutions and information, assistance and referrals.