Finding the perfect employee is never easy. When you do find them, keeping them can be just as difficult.

At Montridge, we know that a superior benefits package helps attract and retain top talent, especially in times of labour shortages and intense competition.

We work with you to build a benefits package that will position your firm as a “company of choice” for employees.


A company employing 20 people has very different needs from a firm employing 200 or more. Montridge understands that a “one size fits all” plan doesn’t work, especially for companies employing people from different generations, with different expectations.

Montridge creates benefits packages customized to your company and your employees – packages with built-in flexibility that are affordable for you, and attractive to current and future employees.

Whether your company has one location, or multi-locations across Canada and/or in the US, our team will ensure all of your employees’ needs are met, regardless of the place. Our partnerships with US advisors allows us to offer cross-border expertise for either Canadian companies with US employees or US companies with Canadian employees.

Once you decide on an employee benefits plan, it needs to be continually reviewed and updated to reflect changes in your company, the economy and the marketplace. Not to mention the pressure our health care system is putting on companies confronting ever-increasing consumption of health and disability benefits.


Studies show that workplace health and wellness programs have a direct impact on the bottom line, particularly in tough economic times. When employees feel protected, valued and cared for, their sense of security, commitment and loyalty soars.

Whether it’s ensuring access to health care providers, accommodating employees with disabilities, providing wellness programs or developing innovative retirement savings programs, Montridge can help. We will design a package unique to your workplace, one that supports the physical and emotional health of your employees.


With more of us living longer, retirement savings programs are becoming increasingly important for top employers. A number of studies have shown that Canadians who participate in employer-sponsored retirement savings plans are far more likely to have a comfortable retirement than those without such a plan. Montridge will help you design a retirement benefits program that helps you attract and retain good staff, and protects your employees in their “golden years.”


Including additional benefits can increase the attractiveness of your company for current and potential employees. Examples include group registered education savings plan (RESP), a payroll savings plan, tax-free savings accounts, employee profit-sharing plans for non-shareholder employees, or employee share option plans. Your Montridge advisor will help you determine which benefits best suit your company and your employees.