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Each business is unique with its own culture and priorities. Its health and wellness programs should reflect the diverse needs of the business and its people. We help employers to create a comprehensive benefits strategy that allows them to cater for their peoples’ needs, attract and retain top talent, and create a sustainable environment in which their organization and employees can flourish.

Employee Benefits

As an employer, you want to ensure your employees are happy in both their professional and personal lives. That’s why you need a strategic, data driven approach that encompasses this objective whilst also remaining within your budget constraints.

Employee Retirement & Saving Plans

Retirement and Savings plans are an integral part to an employee’s financial and mental health well being. Employers who are able to assist their people with knowledgehelp and tools are rewarded with greater loyalty and productivity.

Corporate & Personal Insurance

Protecting your business, your people, and their families when the unexpected happens is key to ensuring financial stability to your organization, and all its team members.

Sharing Knowledge

Creating resources and information for our clients and our community is something we take great pride in. See our guides, blog articles, webinars, whitepapers, checklists, toolkits and more in our content hub

Recorded Webinars
Employee Benefits

Navigating Canadian Benefits: Essential Insights for Businesses opening offices in Canada and those new to Group Benefits

Is your business new to Canada, looking to open an affiliate company here, or just starting to explore employee benefit plans to boost your compensation program for your staff? Our recent webinar was designed for you!

In our webinar, we covered essential topics to help you navigate the complexities of Canadian benefits for your employees. Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

  • Understanding Canada Health Act, and government social programs
  • Employer-sponsored benefit plan design
  • Tax implications of employee benefits
  • Best practices in benefit plan plan administration
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • The role of an advisor
  • How a benefits advisor can support your business
  • Finding the right advisor for your needs
  • What goes into an RFP?
  • Understanding the proposal and variations between insurance carriers
  • Implementing a benefits plan and a communication strategy

Download our recent webinar to discover valuable information and become better equipped to make informed decisions about your employee benefit plans in Canada.

Speaker: Preet Pall, Associate

Recorded Webinars
Employee Benefits, Financial Wellness, Employee Retirement & Savings

Supporting your Employees Financial Wellness: Going beyond a Group RRSP

In this webinar, Judith explores some cutting-edge strategies to elevate your workforce’s financial health. Delve into innovative approaches beyond traditional Group RRSPs, uncovering customized solutions that cater to diverse financial needs. Download the full recording today to gain insights that will empower both your employees and your organization.

White Papers
Employee Benefits, Financial Wellness

Developing a Modern Approach to Benefits: Three Key Aspects

Employers have been struggling with significant shifts in job markets during the past couple of years. To gain a comprehensive understanding of developing a modern approach to benefits, it is important to consider three key aspects…

Recorded Webinars
Employee Benefits, Corporate & Personal Insurance, Executive Benefits, Human Resources, Taxation

Ask The Experts Panel Discussion 2023

In the dynamic world of work, organizations continually face evolving challenges, prompting the need for adaptation to new operating paradigms. A distinguished panel of industry experts specializing in Taxation, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Employment Law share their expertise to serve as a compass to navigate these changes and empower your organization to flourish in the future.


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Our expert associates will help you create a benefits plan that is best suited for your organization. We cater to your specific needs and budget.

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We simplify the transition. Sit back and relax while we craft custom changes and keep you informed through our process.

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Dedicated Account Managers

While Montridge works as a team, every client has a dedicated advisor who develops a deep understanding of the ever changing needs of your firm and its employees. Due to the long term tenure of most of our staff, you can be assured of continuity of care for you and your people.

Support Documents

The world of employee benefits and the associated rules and regulations can prove to be overwhelming at times. At Montridge, we provide our clients with a variety of educational and administrative support tools to help make your life easier.


To help plan sponsors navigate the liabilities found in benefits administration, our customer service team provides training and ongoing support. In addition, we have developed a variety of tools to help ensure that your employees understand their benefit plans.

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  • Team work:
    At Montridge, we work as a team. Ensuring that someone is always able to assist you or your organization with an inquiry or to help solve a problem.
  • Specialists in our field:
    Each advisor has an area of specialty. Allowing the team and our clients to benefit from specialized knowledge and experience
  • Education and ongoing support:
    Our advisors spend time continuously upgrading their skills so that they can pass on current and relevant knowledge to you and your team.