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About Us

We are Montridge Advisory Group

Montridge Advisory Group is one of Canada’s premier employee benefits advisors


At Montridge, we understand that few employers have the time or inclination to become experts in employee benefits and pensions. So, for many of Canada’s most dynamic employers, we fill that role. We are their source of advice on key Human Resources issues including benefits, pensions, wellness, succession planning, and more.


What does an employee benefits advisor do? We listen to you. We learn what makes your company, and your people unique. We hear your concerns. Then we tailor a comprehensive suite of services specifically to help make your company an employer of choice. We help you reflect your corporate culture, look to the future, and minimize your liabilities. We support your senior management and protect your shareholders through forward-looking insurance and financial management strategies.


We work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that your plans do exactly what they are supposed to do, day after day, and year after year.

Your Montridge plan will be based on our Four Pillars:


Convenience. We are your single source for employee benefits, retirement, and executive solutions; we ensure that your suite of packages is well-designed and coordinated.


Value. You save time, money, and sanity with Montridge. We tailor your benefits packages and services to help you attract and retain staff, strengthen your team, and mitigate risk.


Service. The Montridge team is here to support your HR needs with high quality, responsive, personalized service, no matter how often or how much you need us. Equally, we support our insurance suppliers and other key partners.


Knowledgeable. We have decades of experience in employee benefits and retirement, along with all the associated legal and tax implications. We craft plans to attract the best and brightest, while protecting against avoidable liability.