Latest Blog: Canadian vs. U.S. Benefit Plans: How Do They Differ?


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The Challenge

View is a US-based employer with no centralized Canadian operation. Team members work remotely from a variety of locations across the country. View’s US based Human Resource and Payroll teams were tasked with administering the benefits plan for the Canadian employees. The challenge relates to the lack of experience with the Canadian system, along with how and where it differs from the US medical, tax, payroll, and benefits rules. Much of our support with View extends beyond administration of health and retirement benefits but to associated employment policies; such as labour standards, taxable benefit standards, and plan governance.

Our Approach

Due to the lack of experience regarding Canadian regulations and requirements, Montridge initially implemented a system of bi-monthly meetings to help ensure proper administration of the health and retirement plans. Discussion topics would include enrolment standards for new hires, payroll deductions to account for taxable benefits in line with Canadian regulations, claim or benefit eligibility questions received from employees, and documentation of retirement plan remittances. The bi-monthly meeting schedule was advantageous in establishing an open door form of discussion on recent challenges and upcoming staffing changes that may require administrative action to their plan. 

As part of our ongoing service, we continue to provide updated reference material to assist with guidance on HR standards and Canadian legislative information. As a US based employer responsible for a smaller Canadian division, we are able to help navigate leave of absence standards and topical challenges experienced with workplace changes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The hands on approach is continued by allowing for direct communication with employees should they be experiencing personal challenges with expenses submitted to their insurer. Along with routine check-ins with View’s payroll team to support documentation of retirement contributions and group plan premiums.

The Results

  • By offering routine check-ins we were able to achieve a strong understanding of benefit plan enrolment procedures and how they differ from those in the US. Established an implementation process to ensure proper payroll deductions and remittances. Along with greater overall adherence to federal and provincial employment standards. The ongoing support allows for streamlined communication if facing any employee or administrative challenges.

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