Latest Blog: Lower Your Group Benefits Rates by Understanding Their Pricing Strategy

Building Blocks

Benefit plans play a key role in protecting the financial health of your people. A well structured plan will have many layers which are customized to suit the goals and objectives of your firm and to protect and enhance the health and wellness of your employees.


Core Coverage

At their core, employee benefits provide insurance and financial reimbursement to your employees to help them when the unexpected occurs or to assist them in treating an illness or injury. The initial layers generally include insurance to help maintain an individual’s or family’s lifestyle in the event of a death or a disability. Other catastrophic coverages include protection from the high costs of treating a medical emergency while traveling outside of the country, as well as help with reimbursement for extraordinary prescription drug costs.


Secondary Coverage

The next layer of coverage generally includes reimbursement for the services of medical practitioners such as physiotherapists who help treat injuries or chronic conditions. Included are coverages for medical supplies, vision care, dental coverage, and mental health resources to help reduce stress and treat conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Most plans now offer employee and family assistance programs which provide a wide variety of helpful services such as referrals for child or elder care, financial planning, as well as being the first stop for assistance with mental health concerns.


Custom Options

Each company is unique and the challenges it faces in supporting its people often require creative solutions. Benefits plans, whether fully insured, self-insured, or something in between can be customized to suit the needs and culture of a firm provided that they fall within the legislative rules. Montridge advisors pride themselves on their ability to find solutions, whether through a new supplier or development of a new policy, that will help your firm to support your staff’s physical, emotional, and financial health.


Wellness Plan Options

Originally benefit plans were developed to focus primarily on helping ease the financial burden on employees when they became ill or injured. In recent years, the focus has shifted to incorporating tools that also help support the physical, mental, and financial health of employees. The needs of employees are diverse and properly structured wellness plans can help to control costs, improve productivity, and provide the desired elements of choice and individualization your people are seeking.


  • Today’s employees are looking to their employer for help with their physical, emotional, and financial needs.
  • Properly structured wellness programs show an employer cares by providing workers with the ability to prioritize those areas of their health that are most important to them.
  • Wellness programs Improve employee health by taking an integrated approach that incorporates the physical, emotional, and financial health of employees and their families.
  • Chronic conditions are complex. Employee wellness programs focus on improving overall health while providing employees with ways to improve and better manage their condition.
  • Programs that improve physical and mental fitness create healthier employees, resulting in lower prescription medication costs, fewer days absent, and fewer disability claims.
  • Employers who offer more support for an employee’s overall health are viewed by their employees as caring. The result is greater loyalty, improved productivity and a stronger company culture.

Other Services

Employee Retirement & Saving Plans

Employer sponsored retirement and savings plans are a key component to reducing financial worries – the number one cause of stress – amongst your staff.

Corporate & Personal Insurance

Protecting the financial health of your business and your employees when serious illness or death occurs is critical to the health and wellbeing of your company and its people.

Speak to an Advisor
  • Once we gain insight into your core objectives, we will outline common trends in your industry and develop options within your budget. Once you have selected the elements best suited to your firm, we will implement the plan and onboard your staff.
  • If you have an existing plan, we can generally onboard the various elements onto our system and begin acting as your advisor right away. We will then work with you to determine if it is in your best interest to retain the current design and insurers, if we should tweak the existing plan based on your usage, or if wholesale changes are necessary.