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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Your company’s employee benefits program is an integral part of your employees’ compensation, and a powerful reflection of your corporate culture. A superior benefits plan helps attract and retain top talent, especially in times of labour shortages and competition.


At Montridge, we work with you to design medical, dental, life insurance, disability, and retirement benefits plans that are customized to your company’s size, industry, location(s), and recruitment landscape. Plans can extend to include coverage for overall wellness, including physical and mental fitness, chronic disease, financial wellness, and more.


Whether you are a company of 20 employees or 200—whether you have one office or a chain of retail outlets—whether you operate across provincial or national borders—we understand your challenges. We can build a benefits plan that positions you as an employer of choice in your market, and that fits your compensation philosophy.


Because companies, markets, and government policies are constantly changing, we will continually review your plans. We keep you informed on your plan’s performance and update you as the economy, marketplace, and legislative landscape evolves.