Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Your company’s employee benefits program is an integral part of your employees’ compensation and a powerful reflection of your corporate culture. A superior benefits plan helps attract and retain top talent, especially in times of labour shortages and competition.


At Montridge, we work with you to design employee benefits plans that are customized to your company’s size, industry, location(s), and recruitment landscape.  Plans can extend to include coverage for group health benefits, overall wellness, including physical and mental fitness, chronic disease, financial wellness, and more.

Kandy Cantwell from Montridge Advisory Group has been the benefits broker for two organizations where I have been the director. It was because of her excellent customer service that I thought of her when my new organization was looking at switching benefit companies. She is friendly, professional and extremely responsive when we have problems or questions with our benefit companies. I have recommended Montridge Advisory Group to other colleagues and do not hesitate to recommend them to you.”

Pat Frouws, Executive Director | SFU Childcare Society

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