Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs are increasingly popular among employers who are committed to supporting their employees’ desire for a balanced life.


Wellness programs are proactive, investing in our employees’ health and welfare, instead of simply reacting to illness.


The results of a comprehensive, holistic wellness program are beneficial for both employees and the company. Typical results are: increased employee engagement, less stress, reduced absenteeism, lower benefits costs and improved teamwork.


Core elements of a wellness program include Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s), Healthcare Spending Accounts (HSA’s), and Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA’s). Using these structures affords ease of administration and improved tax efficiency for items such as daycare subsidies, gym memberships, counselling or legal advice. They also provide employees with choice, creating greater flexibility and customization to your group benefits plan.


Our Approach


At Montridge, we will help you design a corporate wellness program.


Providing you with options and information, assistance and referrals, we provide solutions that work with your organization’s overall wellness strategy while avoiding common pitfalls. We are experienced in implementing successful employee wellness programs with definitive results–reduced absenteeism, staff member turnover rates and healthcare costs.

“…We know we are listened to. Montridge is a great support to the staff and HR team at VFS and we highly value the relationship.”

Janet Hughes, Director of Human Resources
Vancouver Film School


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