Group Health Benefits

Group Health Benefits

A healthy, stable, satisfied workforce is essential to any company’s bottom line. When employees feel protected, valued and cared for, their sense of security and loyalty soars.


A foundational step includes group health benefits such as life insurance, disability protection, and drug coverage, which help take care of your employees and their loved ones in the event of the unexpected.


Layering in additional extended health and dental coverage and wellness-related coverages provides financial assistance to your team members to help ensure that they remain healthy and productive.


Our Approach


Whether you are a company of 20 employees or 200—whether you have one office or a chain of retail outlets—we understand your challenges. We can create an effective group health benefits program that positions you as an employer of choice in your market, and that aligns with your compensation philosophy.


We may include multiple suppliers, several classes of group benefits, or recommend alternative funding arrangements if that is the best route for you. We also work with companies who operate in multiple provinces, and through our partner network UBA, we advise Canadian companies with employees in the US, and American companies with Canadian staff.

“The Burnaby Winter Club is extremely happy with Montridge Advisory Group. As a Not-For-Profit we are sensitive to any adjustments in premium to our benefit plan. Montridge’s knowledge, ability to negotiate with the carriers on our behalf, provide semi-annual reviews, and provide updates on industry changes keeps us well informed and gives us the ability to cost manage our Benefit plan. Thank you Montridge. We look forward to many more years of working together.”

Len McNeely, General Manager
Burnaby Winter Club


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Talk to a Montridge Advisor to learn about which group health benefit plan options are available and what could be the right solution for your business.