Retirement & Savings Plans

Retirement & Savings Plans

Retirement and saving plans are integral to attracting and keeping key personnel.


They can also result in positive outcomes for your business by reducing employee stress and boosting productivity.


In the past, an employee spent their entire career with one employer and received a pension at retirement. Times have changed. We now have AI, gig workers and multiple career changes, but the desire for financial security still remains. Workers are increasingly looking to their employers (or primary gig) to provide the security of a strong retirement and savings plan.


For employers who seek to attract and retain the best and the brightest, crafting a financial wellness strategy and a retirement and saving plan is essential.


Our Approach


At Montridge, we design, implement and manage retirement and savings plans tailored to the needs of your team. This helps you attract and retain staff, and ensure that your valued people experience less financial stress and enjoy a more comfortable life.

“…We know we are listened to. Montridge is a great support to the staff and HR team at VFS and we highly value the relationship.”

Janet Hughes, Director of Human Resources
Vancouver Film School

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