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Technical Benefits Knowledge with a Boutique Approach

Montridge holds a unique position in the employee benefits advisor marketplace. We have the technical knowledge, education, and supplier relationships that are usually expected in a larger consulting house. However, our boutique size, team-based advisor culture, and reputation for expert customer service has resulted in Montridge having a competitive advantage in group benefits consulting throughout North America.

Joining Westland Insurance Group’s Corporate and Specialty division provides the organizations with whom we work access to new resources, technologies, and services on a national scale without losing the personal touch offered by an independent, family-run firm. Truly the best of both worlds.

Who We Work With

Our clients understand that a properly structured benefits & retirement program is an integral part of their compensation philosophy.

They understand that their plans are an investment in their workforce and that the expertise we provide will contribute towards accomplishing their organizational goals and objectives, such as improving the health and productivity of their employees, attracting and then retaining talent in competitive labour markets, and raising awareness and understanding through educational initiatives.

In addition to working with local businesses, we do extensive work with domestically and globally based clients who have multiple locations across the country.

Strategic Alliances Not Carriers

Adversarial relations between advisor and insurer do not produce optimal results for clients.

We believe in having an open, collaborative relationship with our insurance partners. This provides above-average results when clients need claims or administrative issues managed, and fair negotiations for both benefits and retirement choices & fees.

We also have strong and positive relationships with strategic alliance firms, such as general insurance advisors, lawyers, HR consultants, tax advisors, and global benefits partners. The result? When a client needs outside help, the support they receive goes above & beyond.

Setting up Benefits with Montridge is Easy

I am setting up my first benefits plan

Setting up your first benefits plan is easy with Montridge. Trusted benefit advisors are here to help you find the benefit solution that works best for you.

Making changes to your group benefits plan?

We simplify the transition. Sit back and relax while we craft custom changes and keep you informed through our process.

Speak to an Advisor
  • Chat with us about your company and your current situation.
    Schedule a call with an advisor so we can understand your areas of concern.
  • Once we gain insight into your core objectives, we will outline common trends in your industry and develop plan design options within your budget. Once you have selected a plan design, we will implement the plan and onboard your staff.
  • If you have a current plan, we can generally onboard it onto our system and begin acting as your advisor right away. We will then work with you to determine if it is in your best interest to retain the current design and insurer, or if we should tweak the existing plan based on your usage, or if wholesale changes are necessary.